Short-term loans have higher interest rates than average, but they can be useful on an occasional basis and when no other options at lower rates are available.

Short-term loans may prove an attractive solution if they are used responsibly.

However, taking out several loans of this kind may lead to an overly high debt load and considerable financial difficulties.


We do not investigate your credit file. Regardless of your credit history, you will have no problem obtaining a loan from Royal Finances.

Obtain a $500 loan for personal needs at your discretion and repay it in three, six or 12 instalments according to your pay frequency.

Royal Finances is a firm of advisors and specialists who only deal with companies holding a money lender’s permit with the Office de la protection du consommateur du Québec.


If you are nearing the due date for repayments or need an additional amount, you can apply for another loan. Write to us to find out whether you meet all the terms and conditions required.

To make sure your request is successful, make sure you provide a pay stub and updated bank statement.

You will have the money in your account the same day if we receive everything by 10:30 a.m.

Just call us on the Monday morning of the week of your renewal to speak with one of our agents.

  • Payout delay : 3 months
  • Annual interest rate of 29%
  • Refund at any time
  • Fast bank deposit

  • Payout delay : 4 or 5 months
  • Annual interest rate of 29%
  • Refund at any time
  • Fast bank deposit

  • Payout delay : 4 or 5 months
  • Annual interest rate of 29%
  • Refund at any time
  • Fast bank deposit

  • Payout delay : 5 or 6 months
  • Annual interest rate of 29%
  • Refund at any time
  • Fast bank deposit

Annual Interest Rate (APR)

The financial institutions we work with offer an annual interest rate of 29%, but the official agent and broker may charge an additional fee for the client’s fees for preparation, editing, monitoring and management Of the application of each loan, which fees are determined by the agent and are independent of the interest rates charged by the lender.

Example of refund

A $ 500 loan payable every two weeks and repayable in 10 installments will cost you $ 80.40 per payment.
This information is provided for illustrative purposes only and considers an administration fee payable to the official agent and broker in the amount of $ 232 that the borrower adds to the borrowed capital. The official agent and broker alone determines the fees and expenses of each file at its own discretion and these are independent of the interest claimed by the lender.

No loan is refused
because all dreams deserve to be realized

No one is immune to financial uncertainty and few of us have enough room to maneuver. Others want to realize a project, realize a dream or even make a major purchase. Regardless of your situation, we are committed to helping you get a fast, secure loan regardless of your credit history.

In addition, once your contract expires, thanks to your loyalty we offer you the opportunity to become a Royal customer. Thus, when you renew, you will have several privileges, including the possibility of obtaining a larger amount and a better interest rate.



Your confidentiality is our concern. We understand your situation.


In our Privacy Policy, the information collected in the application for obtaining a loan are only accessible by the client and members of Royal Finances. The information therefore remain confidential at all times.

Courteous service

We offer fast, courteous and personalized service.


Our team will endeavor to offer you fast and efficient personal service Privacy and data security are our priority.

Fast service

We will answer your request within 24 hours.


Anxious to offer you a solution to meet your expectations, our team will ensure to respond to your request within faster.

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